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Stitched Voices

Guided tour in English

Onsdag 17 april, Torsdag 18 april 16:00

Fredens Hus erbjuder gratis guidad tur i utställningen Stitched voices på engelska.
Fredens Hus at Uppsala Castle is hosting a free English language tour of its exhibition Stitched Voices during its final week. Stitched Voices features a mix of Chilean protest textiles called arpilleras, as well as other textiles that show human stories of conflict around the world in the 20th and 21st century.  
While here you may also participate in making contribution to our own made arpillera with focus on standing up for Greta Thunberg in her work against climate change. This is made by making a small textile doll. See the instructions or ask the staff.
Please join us!

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